fields of activity

water & wastewater

The development of extensive urban areas incorporating centres of high population density and large-scale industrial plants

solid waste

Solid waste has become a major consequence of development and modernization, yet some of the gretest challenges to its


Many international agencies and governments are dedicated to applying and enforcing environmental policies

featured services


ÇEVPRO provides its customers with design expertise in process design, architectural and structural design, automation and instrumentation, electrical and mechanical design.


ÇEVPRO is a truly multidisciplinary consultancy offering both a breadth and depth of service to provide commercial and technically robust business solutions.

environmental management

Even as environmental regulations increase in number and complexity, you can turn compliance responsibilities into oppurtinities to gain a competitive edge.

Capacity Building

ÇEVPRO strenghtens staff and boards of client organisations, so their vision, mission and processes best serve their constituents and the community.