CEVPRO Consulting & Engineering

ÇEVPRO (pr. chev-pro) Consulting is an environmental engineering company based in Istanbul, Turkey offering professional consultancy and engineering services to the clients accross the nation and around the world since 2009.

Even if ÇEVPRO is a young company, the owners, managers and staff of the company have extensive experience in environmental consulting and engineering. Our team of qualified professionals combine their backgrounds and local experience with their extensive knowledge of local and international regulations and standards to efficiently provide tailor made solutions.

ÇEVPRO's prime objective is to be recognized by the industry as a creative and reliable provider of high competence and quality services which adds substantial value to our customer's business.

At ÇEVPRO, we understand that you need consultants you can count on to get jobs done efficiently and without hassles. Because we are committed to working with you - rather than, just for you - you can choose ÇEVPRO and feel confident about:

  • Realistic expectations and milestones from the start of every project,
  • Open communications about budget and schedule tracking throughout the project,
  • No surprises because we will work to identify potential problems and scope changes early on,
  • Response services as well as respect, honesty, integrity and fairness.

What's good for the environment can be good for business and the community.